Patient slept as well as could be expected, according to his gene profile?

I wonder how many times nurses have written in the nursing notes ‘patient slept well’ – for this then to be disputed by a patient who asserts he’s been awake most of the night. And what about those of us who stay up until the small hours, yet are still able to rise and shine the next morning (well, rise anyway). Could it be that our gene profile determines the amount of sleep we actually need? I was intrigued to read on BBC news, about the research being conducted into ‘sleep genes’ in fruit flies.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin Medical School have identified a gene that determines how much sleep the fruit fly can ‘get by’ on. Those with an altered gene can manage with much less sleep. The bad news seems to be that these flies also die earlier.

So maybe I’ll go to bed now ….

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