Genetics education for nurses across Europe

At the 8th International Nursing Research Conference (Seville, November 2004), the Genomics Policy Unit was asked to build and lead a research programme to address issues around the integration of genetics into nursing education and practice. A network of partners from across Europe is under construction. The aims of this programme are to:

establish a collaborative international network of researchers, educators and practitioners with a particular interest in genetics;

establish a coordinated programme of work that addresses issues around the integration of genetics into nursing education and practice, ultimately to benefit patients and their families;

secure international funding to support the programme and the network.

This project builds on work conducted for the Fit for Practice in the Genetics Era project, which identified seven core competencies in genetics that all nurses, midwives and health visitors need for their professional practice. If you are interested in finding out more about this programme, and perhaps joining the network, further details are available from Kevin McDonald (+44 (0)1443 483185) or from our web pages.

The documentation is currently available in English. We are hoping to translate at least the competencies into other languages, so any help, tips or ideas anyone could offer would be gratefully received.

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