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Finding ‘Father’ Christmas

Males with the surname ‘Christmas’ are being sought for a DNA linkage test, to see if they are all descended from a single man. The test will look at the Y chromosomes of the male volunteers. BBC News


Autism genes

There are throught to be up to 20 genes that may predispose someone to autism. New research has shown that the unaffected relatives of people with a autism spectrum disorder display some of the traits of autism. Families share ‘autistic … Continue reading

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Cloner resigns

Professor Hwang Woo-suk lead the team that cloned a dog for the first time. His team also cloned human embryos and took stem cells from the clones. This week, Professor Woo-suk resigned as chairman of the World Stem Cell Hub … Continue reading

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Fear genetically controlled

Work on mice has shown that there is a gene, stathmin, that appears to tell an individual when they should feel fear instinctively. Previous research has shown that another gene, GPR, controls learned fear. BBC News

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Malaria protection lost

People with sickle-cell trait often have a resistence to malaria, as do people with thalassaemia. However, when a person has both of these genetic conditions, the resistence is no longer present. Anti-malaria traits ‘cancel out’ How blood disorder blocks malaria … Continue reading

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Niemann Pick Type C

Niemann Pick Type C is a childhood disease that is usually fatal. It affects mental faculties and results from a gene mutation. Carolyn and Ian Sixsmith lost their son Daniel to Niemann Pick Type C, then found that their youngest … Continue reading

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Baby dies of fragile skin

Five years ago, a boy was born with peeling skin. So much peeled off, that he died of dehydration 10 days later. It has now been discovered this condition is due to a rare genetic fault. It was a severe … Continue reading

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The Genomics Blog

What do you think of our new look blog pages? What would you like to see here? Do you have a story or item that you think we should post? Feel free to leave comments on our entries. They will … Continue reading

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Stem cell therapy for MS

A young woman with multiple sclerosis (MS) has undergone a course of stem cell therapy, and believes that one day she could be cured. Within five days of receiving the last injection Amanda Bryson was able to leave her wheelchair … Continue reading

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Cartilage from stem cells

Stem cells have been used to grow cartilage. Stem cells are the master cells of the body from which all other body cells grow naturally. For this therapy to be effective, stem cells have to be ‘persuaded’ to grow into … Continue reading

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