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By the cell divided

Researchers in Scotland have offered a new explanation for how cells divide.  They say that understanding the processes of cell division will offer more insight into how cancers form.  Cancer cell research ‘discovery’

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Are genes fattening?

Obesity is not an exclusively Western problem.  In developing countries, there are 115 million people with obesity problems, and the numbers are increasing. It is not necessarily the Western lifestyle of inactivity and fatty foods that is the problem, there is a … Continue reading

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Bowel cancer screen

Researchers in Scotland have developed a test to screen for some bowel cancers.  Faults on the genes MLH1, MSH2 and MSH6 might put a person at higher risk of bowel cancer. Gene screen to spot cancer risk

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Sleeping on the job

As today is National Siesta Day ( I am about to lay down beneath my desk for 15 minutes.


Money matters

It seems that our recent post on philanthropy was very timely.  In the last month, James Martin has donated £60 million to Oxford University, Bill Gates has announced he is to give up his job to concentrate on his charitable … Continue reading


“The Genius Sperm Bank” Do we really need saving by an optometrist??!!

Hmmm, this might be one to watch…Tomorrow (June 15th) at 9pm on BBC 2: "The Genius Sperm Bank: Horizon tells the curious tale of millionaire optometrist Robert Graham and his dream to save humanity by using the sperm of clever … Continue reading


Philanthropic funding

James Martin, a British millionaire, has donated £60 million to Oxford University to found the James Martin Institute for Science and Civilisation.  This is said to be the largest single donation to a British university. If there are any benefactors out there who wish … Continue reading