Trains, planes and now stem cells

Richard Branson, boss of the Virgin Group today launches a stem cell storage bank. For around £1500, cells harvested from a baby’s umbilical cord will be stored for 20years. If the child later develops leukaemia, the cells could be a possible treatment, and depending on the progress of research there may be other uses for these cells in the future.
There is currently much debate as to whether there is sufficient evidence to warrant cord blood cell storage at this time.

New Scientist Blog ‘Short Sharp Science: and BBC news:

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3 Responses to Trains, planes and now stem cells

  1. Maggie says:

    All the more reason then to improve the genetics knowledge and understanding of nurses and other health professionals. If Sir Richard would like to support us in this quest, he is of course welcome to make a philanthropic gesture and donate £50,000 to our cause. We could then invest that in further developments of the Telling Stories resource.

  2. Emma says:

    “Telling Stories: understanding real life genetics” (to give it its full name) is a web site that we have been developing. We’ve been collecting stories (written and video) from people with genetic conditions, their families, carers and health professionals. The site will be a resource that can be used by those wanting to learn more about genetics and the impact that a diagnosis can have, and by those teaching the subject. It’s been designed for nurses, midwives and health visitors, but we think it will be of use across the health professions.

    The site is currently being evaluated before going live in a few months (watch this space), and you’ll be able to find it at

  3. andy says:

    Hi Maggie – what is the Telling Stories Resource?



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