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As a brand new blogger it has taken me some time to dip my toes into the water, but I have been nagged by Emma Tonkin since being made a Visiting Professor some months ago and think it is appropriate that I do so.  Having worked with Maggie Kirk for a number of years in various guises, it is good to have my links with UNIGLAM formalised in this way.  

I have been working with the GPU team on the ‘Telling Stories’ project for over a year now and it is exciting (and slightly scary) to know that our efforts will soon be made public via the NGEDC website. 

 For those who haven’t seen it, another good website for affecianados of genetics (and who isn’t?) is the Eurogentest site.  This is a European wide project to standardise and harmonise gentic testing and I am involved in Unit 3 (genetic counselling) and Unit 6 (patient and professional education). 

Heather Skirton 

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  1. Maggie says:

    Welcome – it’s great to have you blogging with us! I can add that the Telling Stories resource is from Monday going through evaluation with a network of colleagues across the UK, prior to its launch.

  2. Welcome–the more of us there are, the more easily our messages will reach those who want to read them.

    I’ve been blogging on genetic testing and stem cells as part of the Genetizen blog at for a couple of years now. Recently, we added personal stories to our website. A number are already available for viewing and we welcome additions from people who have had genetics touch their lives. It’s very easy to do–just click on the “Your Stories” tab and start writing. Check it out!

    I recently returned from the American College of Medical Genetics annual meeting in Nashville and have lots to share.

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