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Volunteers wanted

The Wellcome Trust are funding a study to create a genetic map of historical inward migration to the British Isles.  The idea is to study the impact of genetic differences on susceptibility to common genetic conditions.  Volunteers need to be able to trace their family history … Continue reading

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In praise of ISONG 2007

The 20th Annual Scientific Conference of ISONG took place last weekend for the first time outside the U.S.  Over 170 delegates from 23 countries gathered in Bristol for a truly international event.  The University of Glamorgan was proud to be … Continue reading


Genomics gets an airing at Dundee

I’ve just returned from the RCN International Research Conference in Dundee where I was pleased to note that genetics was given an airing on no less than four occasions: Our own presentation (myself, Emma Tonkin and Karen Birmingham, a managing … Continue reading

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