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Wellcome Trust Family History Grant

Friday saw the first meeting of the advisory group for the Genetic Literacy and Family History project (funded by the Wellcome Trust. Rachel Iredale from the GPU is leading on the project along with Mark Brake (Science Communication), Steven Harris … Continue reading

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Rob Newton visits Glamorgan

Mr Rob Newton, the Education Development Specialist at the NHS National Genetics Education and Development Centre came down to Glamorgan last week to catch up with Maggie and I. We had just told Rob of our plans for the next … Continue reading

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Lupus diagnosis

A study reported in Nature Genetics has found several genes that are linked to the disease lupus. Three of those genes have strong links, others have weaker links. The study analysed genes from 3,057 women (720 with lupus, 2,337 disease … Continue reading

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1000 genomes

A joint UK, US and Chinese venture is looking to map the genomes of 1000 volunteers to produce the most comprehensive map of the human genome to date. The resulting map will be made freely available via public databases. Detailed … Continue reading

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Counselling event from Wales Gene Park

The Wales Gene Park has a three day residential course planned for 29 April – 1 May, 2008. ‘Genetic Counselling: Principles and Processes’ is a training event aimed at all practitioners in the multi- disciplinary field of genetic and will … Continue reading

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Genes cause raised cholesterol

The American Journal of Human Genetics reports a British study which has found that an area on chromosome 1 has been identified as being associated with a 6% increase in low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in blood. High levels of this … Continue reading

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Born to win gold??

Following on from Kev’s blog last month (‘A day at the Races’, 20 Dec 2007) researchers at Manchester Metropolitan and Loughborough Universities have been looking at genes associated with athleticism (news report ). They have identified variants of 23 genes … Continue reading

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CFP students at Greenwich share their thoughts on genetics

I had a great afternoon at the University of Greenwich just before Christmas. Thanks to all the students and staff that turned up on the last afternoon of term to hear me talk! Staff at Greenwich are working hard to … Continue reading

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Genes and STIs

Different strains of the sexually transmitted infection chlamydia can vary by very few genes. Genome Research has reported the decoding of the chlamydia genome. One virulent strain, lymphogranuloma vernerum (LGV), which can cause permanent damage if untreated, has less than … Continue reading

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Down syndrome and cancer

Nature last week reported on the possibility that the extra copy of chromosome 21 found in most people with Down syndrome could have a protective effect against some cancer. Mouse models have shown that extra copies of the gene Ets2 … Continue reading

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