Deanery day provides food for thought….

(…and very nice pastries during coffee!) Along with a number of colleagues form the NHS National Genetics Education and Development Centre, Maggie and I attended a conference last week hosted by the West Midland’s Deanery (responsible for the management and delivery of postgraduate medical education, CPD of all doctors and dentists, and also responsible for trainers, educational supervisors and educational leaders, their training needs and educational development).

‘Education, Professionalism and Outcomes’ was a great day with a broad variety of topics covered. Presentations from the CIPeL CETL Coventry (to you and me that’s Centre for Inter-Professional e-Learning which is a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning) provided more food for thought around the delivery of good e-based education. We held a workshop in the afternoon looking at the use of stories in health professional education and were delighted that so many participants identified story based projects that they now want to carry out and integrate into their teaching. This was followed by another workshop facilitated by Annette Roebuck and colleagues that challenged us as participants to think about the way in which we communicate. We tried to get inside the head of an advertiser(!) to describe what we could see in an advert and were then graded by a service user on how well (or not) we had done.

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