GAMY Group Day

The GAMY gang met on Monday 16th February at the Castle Hotel in Merthyr Tydfil.

We had a great day packed full with different activities from electronic voting to writing statements about genetics to place into a virtual GAMY time capsule to be opened by an advanced civilisation in 5000 years time!

We asked our young people to peer review the digital images they had taken back in April 2008 – they seemed to really enjoy viewing their own work on display as well as that of their peers.

We also presented a case study to facilitate discussion relating to specific gene alteration and genetic testing. I think the highlight for most of the particpants was our guest speaker who came to share her personal experience of FH – they really engaged with this and were genuinely interested to hear about our speaker’s ‘real-life story’.

We are still collecting in digital stories from participants and we have also asked them to take some more pictures for us over the next week…..

To view work from the GAMY participants or to look at our project in more detail, please visit our website:

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