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Rachel on the radio

Dr Rachel Iredale was interviewed this morning on BBC Radio Wales about germline therapy. The interview is available on BBC iPlayer now, but hurry, it won’t be there forever. Once you have accessed the recording, go to time 02:49:22 to … Continue reading

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‘Just Growing Pains’: TV documentary on the genetic condition Marfan syndrome

A short documentary called ‘Just Growing Pains’ will be shown on TV over the coming weeks, which follows the lives of families with the genetic condition Marfan syndrome. The syndrome is an inherited disorder of the body’s connective tissue which … Continue reading

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Genetic advance raises IVF hopes

Researchers have found a potential way to correct an inherited disorder affecting thousands of women the BBC health news webpages report this week. Working on monkeys, they transferred genetic material needed to create a baby from a defective egg to … Continue reading

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PET events

Progress Educational Trust (PET) are organising or sponsoring three events in London over the next three months. Friday 18th September 2009 – Motherhood in the 21st century Tuesday 20th October 2009 – From autism to Asperger’s: disentangling the genetics and … Continue reading

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Inherited high cholesterol – Wales to lead screening in the UK

Last week Edwina Hart (Health Minister for the Welsh Assembly Government) announced the introduction of a new screening programme to identify people who are at risk of heart attacks due to high cholesterol. The partnership between WAG and the British … Continue reading

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Another published paper on empathy

1. Yu J & Kirk M (2009) Evaluation of empathy measurement tools in nursing: systematic review. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 65(9), 1790-1806. 2. Yu J & Kirk M (2008) Measurement of empathy in nursing research: systematic review. Journal of Advanced … Continue reading

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Cancer gene complexity revealed

Recent news from the BBC website reports that scientists have shown just how mind-bogglingly complex are the genetics underpinning the development of cancer . For the second time, a team from Washington University has decoded the complete DNA of a … Continue reading

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Structure of HIV genome ‘decoded’

Today’s BBC health webpages report that a scientific team from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill say they have decoded the entire genetic structure of HIV-1 – the main cause of Aids in humans They hope this will … Continue reading

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Women getting more beautiful

This blog has been withdrawn.

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