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‘Mental illness gene’ discovered

BBC health news reports that scientists have discovered a gene which may help explain the causes of mental illness. The ABCA13 gene is partially inactive in patients with severe psychological conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression. It is … Continue reading


Genetic clue to glioma brain cancer growth

Scientists have pinpointed a mutated gene as key to the development of some types of glioma brain tumour report BBC‘s health news today. The mutation leads to hugely increased levels of a chemical in the brain, which seems to feed … Continue reading

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Mutant genes ‘key to long life’

There is a clear link between living to 100 and inheriting a hyperactive version of an enzyme that prevents cells from ageing, researchers say. Scientists from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the US say centenarian Ashkenazi Jews have … Continue reading


Mixed emotions over baby decision

The BBC news reports that a father who went to the High Court to try to stop a hospital turning off his seriously ill baby son’s life support machine has dropped his objections to the move. The outcome has prompted … Continue reading


Call for tests after sudden death.

The BBC news reports that senior doctors are calling for human tissue to be routinely kept for genetic testing in cases where young people die without explanation. They say the DNA from such samples may reveal an unsuspected inherited condition … Continue reading

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GPU at the Children and Young People’s Research Network conference

Kim Madden and I attended the Children and Young People’s Research Network conference at the Cardiff Millennium Centre yesterday. We both enjoyed the conference and the opportunity to show our work. I presented a poster on the Beacon for Wales … Continue reading

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Eating Pomegranates: A Memoir of Mothers, Daughters and Genes

A woman who suffers from M18T BRCA1 mutation has recently published a book on her experiences and those of her female ancestors. Sarah Gabriel’s mother died of ovarian cancer when she was 42 and various other female ancestors have died … Continue reading

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