Monthly Archives: December 2009

Is embryo screening test safe?

BBC News reports that an embryo screening test called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is safe for the children of singleton pregnancies, Belgian researchers say. They looked at 581 children born at one Belgian centre over 13 years who had been … Continue reading

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Gene that keeps women ‘female’

Scientists have located the gene that keeps women ‘female’ and could pave the way for the creation of drugs that will delay the menopause. Scientists reported in the journal Cell that only one gene, FoxL2 prevents adult ovary cells from … Continue reading

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GPU Christmas Meeting

The GPU held their final team meeting of the year in festive mood today. Instead of the usual sedate cup of iced water to accompany discussion on projects, curriculum development and so on, we enjoyed more lavish fare, which of … Continue reading


Genetics of obesity.

BBC health news today reports that scientists have discovered what they believe is a genetic cause of severe obesity in children. The team concluded that the loss of a key segment of DNA can be to blame. The study, of … Continue reading


Grey hair and genes

The Netdoctor news reports that women who go grey at an early age probably have genes that predispose them to the loss of hair colour, a study in the Public Library of Science One has found. Researchers at Unilever studied … Continue reading