SGPPH Annual Conference & 5th AGM: 11 April 2011, Cardiff

This one-day meeting, based on the theme of “Clinical and Public Health implications of cutting edge genomic advances”, will be presented by scientists and social researchers. The aim of the day is to update participants with an excellent overview regarding present and future developments in these cutting edge technologies, generating lively debate and exploring what they can bring to public health and developing clinical practice.

The conference will explore new developments in genomic technologies. This includes presentations on whole genome sequencing, epigenetics and public health, genomics and the evolution of pathogens before exploring what the implications of these developments mean for medicine and healthcare. Topics examined will include how the genome is used against pathogens to fight the old diseases that have often plagued so many across the globe and how the rapidly advancing science of epigenetics provides new possibilities for those at risk from long term disease including cancer and cardiovascular disease.

More information can be found at SGPPH website.

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