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Volgograd Visit

In June 2011 I visited Volgograd in the Russian Federation.  Volgograd is perhaps better known by its mid 20th century name of Stalingrad, the site of a famous battle from July 1942 until February 1943 between the Soviets and the … Continue reading

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Nature-nurture and intelligence

There is an ongoing public discussion on the BBC News web pages concerning intelligence and abilities.  Writer David Shenk presents an opinion piece which argues that, amongst others things, intelligence is not innate but is “… determined by the lives we lead.” Is there … Continue reading

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Chromosome 8 gene linked with cancer

The gene NRG1 (neuregulin-1) is found on chromosome 8. Scientists have discovered that NRG1 is frequently missing from cancerous cells, therefore have concluded that it has a suppression effect for breast cancer, and probably for bowel, prostate, ovarian and bladder … Continue reading

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Genetics rap

The GAMY project rap by Oort Kuiper is available here. Be aware that it is 55Mb in size, so might take some time to download. It is in .avi format, so you will need a compatible media player. You can … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

DNA fingerprinting is 25 years old today.

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Rachel on the radio

Dr Rachel Iredale was interviewed this morning on BBC Radio Wales about germline therapy. The interview is available on BBC iPlayer now, but hurry, it won’t be there forever. Once you have accessed the recording, go to time 02:49:22 to … Continue reading

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PET events

Progress Educational Trust (PET) are organising or sponsoring three events in London over the next three months. Friday 18th September 2009 – Motherhood in the 21st century Tuesday 20th October 2009 – From autism to Asperger’s: disentangling the genetics and … Continue reading

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Women getting more beautiful

This blog has been withdrawn.

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Direct to consumer marketing and testing

Why bother getting your fortune told when you can get far more precise information about you, your ancestry and your future with a simple genetic test? That is the claim anyways from companies offering personal DNA tests directly to consumers. … Continue reading

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Channel 4 in association with the Wellcome Trust have a web site that might interest you. There are a series of games to help learn more about your genes. This week there is a game called Sneeze. In case you … Continue reading

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